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You heard it wrong: Misconceptions of veganism and plant-based eating.

If you’re considering to go vegan or interested in understanding whether plant-based eating is enjoyable and healthy, read on. Veganism and plant-based living come with many misconceptions – a lot of which I was guilty of accepting as my own truths until making the leap. On the other hand, having gone vegan for some time…

Mixed Berry Crumble

Every second counts in the morning but so does every bite. Make in advance on a meal-prep Sunday when planning for a busy week ahead. Perfect on-the-go, prepare this breakfast crumble for mornings where you’ll want something small and on-the-go – can also be enjoyed both warm and cold.  The key is fresh fruit. Enjoyed…

The Million Dollar S’mores Cookie

Rich, gooey and full of taste, this adult-version of the s’mores cookie does not hold back. Generously sized and loaded large with marshmallows, chocolate chunks and almond slices brings a different taste in each bite.

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