Welcome to Elevated Eating

Hi, I’m Michelle, creator of Non-Harm City. As a Content Creator with an endless love for cooking, this vegan lifestyle and wellness blog is a fusion of my passions that binds my core value – my code – my philosophy – of attaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset through sustained eating:

“What we put in our mind affects the body, and what we put in our body affects the mind.”

~ Unknown

And though these words aren’t mine to quote, I’m far more grateful to share them through means I’m most inspired. 

Because no matter the circumstance, when it comes to nourishing and refueling our bodies and minds sustainability is key. And though having an understanding of the mind and body connection through our relationship with food can be a complete game changer, enhancing our relationship with food in a way that promotes improved well-being and longevity, while taking a peaceful stance against animal cruelty and practicing compassion for all sentient beings and reduces the environmental impact on our planet without compromising quality nor taste is what I call the real victory lane. 

Okay, that was a mouthful – even for a food blog. And as someone who always has lots to say, I still didn’t seem to cover all the basis.

Here’s everything else you can look forward to at Non-Harm City: 

  • 100% Vegan (now realizing that was basically everything I said up top…wow)
  • *Gluten-free
  • Free of refined sugar
  • Eating seasonally 

*Note: Very few recipes contain wheat ingredients, which I’ll be sure to call out up front. 

And if there’s anything I want to make sure you haven’t lost in the jumble, is the savour of love I’ve put into each recipe – you will not be disappointed, that is my promise and commitment Each recipe has been tried and tested but these are just guidelines. When it comes to ingredients such as herbs and spices, add or reduce to your liking.

Have your cake and eat it too because the desire to gain quality of life should never come with a sacrifice, as having no desire to improve any area of your life is already one in itself.

Welcome to Non-Harm City – welcome to elevated eating. 

Love you all,